Crop Analytics Use Cases

Crop Analytics Use Cases

Crop analytics underpin a variety of applications and services for actors across the value chain, from digital extension and advisory services to tailored lending products to improved subsidy allocation. To demonstrate impact and sustainability, the first phase of the ECAAS initiative is driven by three use cases, chosen for their potential impact for smallholder farmer, scalability, and potential to fill gaps in existing digital systems and networks. Our priority use cases are:

  1. Integrated farm extension and management
  2. Improved financial services for smallholders
  3. Food security monitoring and response

Climate change mitigation and adaptation cuts across all use cases. The map below contains resources related to the use cases for crop analytics and highlights how crop analytics reinforce sustainability efforts through the use of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework. Additionally, we mapped out how each use case aligns with the Global Standard for Environmental Reporting (GRI).

Interactive Use Case Map

Our interactive Use Case Map highlights key use cases for crop analytics, such as food security monitoring and response, input supply optimization, and sustainability reporting. As you click through the use cases in the map, you will see specific applications that are underpinned by satellite-based crop analytics.