Data Standards

Data Standards

Massive volumes of agricultural data are collected each year. These data hold incredible value for improving smallholder-focused crop analytics, however, this value is currently locked away due to issues of data quality, interoperability, and accessibility stemming from a lack of consistent, widely adopted standards for agricultural data.

A primary focus of ECAAS’ work is assessing the current landscape of standards and adoption by stakeholders and to promote or develop a comprehensive set of standards for ground data capture, processing, hosting, analysis, and sharing. This page contains all resources related to our work on standards.

Standardized Data Collection Tool Kit

ECAAS project drafted collective guidelines for advancing crop analytics using the latest version of ODK Collect. The purpose of the form is to collect agricultural reference data to enable the development of agricultural monitoring and evaluation systems. To access the form including guidelines and supporting resources for its use, please click here

Assessing the Standards Landscape for Ground Data Collection, Processing, Sharing, and Use in Agricultural Analytics Consultation

ECAAS hosted a consultation to map the landscape of existing and emerging standards and guidelines for ground data and identify risks and opportunities for improving this landscape.                                           

Interactive Standards Map

Explore our interactive map of the landscape of standards and guidelines for ground data collection, processing, sharing, and use in agricultural analytics. As you click through the map, you’ll find information about existing and emerging standards and the organizations working to develop and promote them.

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