Scalable Agriculture Data

Scalable Agriculture Data through Conversational Farm Record Keeping

6th Grain has the long-term goal of increasing yields and income for all farmers in Africa. To achieve this, they plan to greatly expand the agronomy advice and input availability information for growers. They will improve growers’ ability to determine if seeds and other inputs used have resulted in increased productivity while unlocking the pathways to success for gathering high-quality field data at a low cost.

This project aims to develop a highly scalable ground data collection method by deploying FieldFocus Light, a new mobile tool 6th Grain recently developed that is easy-to-learn and user-friendly. This tool allows farmers to not only calculate field size and collect yield data, but also design profitable farming strategies based on previous farm records and management plans. The focus of this project is to digitize farmer recruitment, training, monitoring, and payment for high-quality agronomists, and for growers to know whether the inputs and investments on their farm are paying off. Using these digital tools, 6th Grain will develop a system that provides world-class agronomic advice, engagement, and decision support across the agricultural value chain and bring more transparency to the last mile in digital agriculture.


Molly Brown, 6th Grain

Adam Wills,

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