ECAAS Advisory Groups

ECAAS Advisory Groups

The ECAAS Advisory Groups provide strategic and technical guidance to the initiative and consist of representatives from leading organizations in the space.

Strategic Advisory Group

The Strategic Advisory Group provides guidance for the long-term planning and implementation of the current ECAAS initiative as well as direction-setting for potential future stages. Recognizing that the organizations working in this space are driven by a wide variety of incentives, mandates, and restrictions, the Strategic Advisory Group provides input on network architecture, sustainable business models for data-sharing approaches, and maximizing coordination with similar initiatives. 

Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group provides input and guidance on the technologies, methods, standards, and regulations related to agricultural ground truth data and subsequently advances crop analytics applied within smallholder systems. This group helps to identify and guide ECAAS technical priorities, including through development of AgData Innovation Facility Innovation Agenda, and surface potential roadblocks to achieving improvements within those technical domains.