Tools for Data Standardization

As the applications of AI and machine learning in crop analytics become more readily accessible to public and private sector actors, the need for a core set of standardized ground truth data is growing. While a number of organizations have developed effective tools for the collection of in-field ground truth data, no generic and standardized tools exist on common mobile data collection platforms such as ODK, an open-source software for collecting, managing, and using data in resource-constrained environments. 

With the support of project partners, ECAAS develops tools to assist with standardizing agricultural data collection and dissemination. The following tools will support the agricultural data analytics community in coordinating standardization efforts.

We continue to seek organizations working in this space to help identify and enhance a robust data-sharing ecosystem. If you are interested in participating or understanding how to get involved, contact our ECAAS team.

UPDATED! ECAAS Field Mapper for Agricultural Surveys

A new and improved version of the ECAAS Field Mapper for Agricultural Surveys is now available! Created to enhance data sharing, this tool assists organizations with collecting data in a standard catalog compliant with STAC specifications. After collecting data, organizations can choose to publicly share this interoperable data with the crop analytics community. Please, check out the new form and deploy the tool with your own data capture efforts!

To access the Survey Form, including guidelines and supporting resources for its use, please CLICK HERE.