Innovative Agricultural Data Collection

Innovative Agricultural Ground Data Collection and Exchange Ecosystem

High quality and timely geospatial data can fuel various types of public good projects and at the same time, support products in the commercial sector. The missing piece of the puzzle is a data ecosystem that a) allows both open-access and commercial licensing of the data and b) prioritizes data collection to address both public and commercial interests. This project aims to develop a minimum viable product to demonstrate the potential for collecting and curating high-quality labeled agricultural data that has commercial value and can be openly accessed for public good purposes. In collaboration with PLACE, Radiant Earth Foundation will lead the design and development of the project in Kenya. The resulting data from the project will be hosted on PLACE Data Trust and Radiant MLHub, empowering both commercial users interested in a commercial license for the data, as well as other users who will benefit from an open-access license for public good projects. Local partners, Micro Aerial Projects and Spatial Collective, will carry out the data collection.

This project is funded separately by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation but connected in scope to ECAAS. We are proud to highlight their work.


Hamed Alemohammad, Radiant Earth Foundation

Amber Myers, Radiant Earth Foundation

Amy Regas, PLACE

Nigel Edmead, PLACE

Primoz Kovacic, Spatial Collective

Walter Volkmann, Micro Aerial Projects